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Smoking of cigarettes has some serious side effects both to the active and the passive smoker but even with the awareness creating going around quitting the habit is easier said than done. Today there are companies that have invested in the research and making of products that help smoking addicts to part with the habit, some of the products include nicotine patches and gum. Electronic cigarettes are the newest entries in the products used to combat addiction to smoking. You will be surprised at how alike an e-cigarette is to a real one, they are designed to look feel and function same as the real deal. You get to have smoke from an e-cigarette but it’s not from the burning of tobacco.

The smoker will be inhaling nicotine but it will not have the harmful carcinogens that are found in the actual tobacco. The e-cigarette contains a liquid also known as the vaping juice in a small compartment inside the cigarette. E – cigarettes come with small batteries that power atomizers which are responsible for turning a small amount of the liquid into vapor every time that you inhale. Nicotine hit with vapor from the e-cigarettes is very fast compared to if you were using a nicotine patch or a gum. The glowing light of the e-cigarette is just to simulate a real cigarette.

Nicotine cartridges come in various strengths, the user can start with the full strength, half and finally minimal strength until they can finally quit. This will, however, take some patience as you don’t break years of addiction in a day. One of the main reason why patches and gums do not see much success and preference to that of the e-cigarettes is because with the former the smokers will be missing the act of inhaling the smoke.

E- cigarettes and vaping juices are complementary products and that’s why the two have become equally popular. Most vape juices or e juices have nicotine but they can be made without the nicotine depending on whether the individual wants it or not. When it comes to heating the liquid the heat could be between 200 and 400 degrees.

The e juice also come in different flavors and that will also depend on what the person vaping prefers. The flavoring is not different from that used in food and that makes it safe for consumption. The e- juice might contain some propylene glycol in approved levels, they help distribute the flavor evenly through the liquid. Online shops are the choice for many, the web will help you in locating the shops that are near you. If you find a good dealer, you can be having all your refills with them later on when you run out.

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