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Tips On Writing a Great Short Story

Writing a short story can be hectic, especially if you are doing it for the first time or have not done it for a whole. There is always this pattern that will eventually come up when it comes to great short story writing, in as much as everyone has their own way of writing. These are some sort of requirements that you need to write a good short story. Before we can even begin with the tips, you should approximate enough time for writing the story, have a an idea of what to write and have ready the devices and utensils that you will need to write.

There is just a story, the funny and crazy one that you tell to a friend all the time, and then there is the art part of the short story that will have the characters, the plot, the descriptions and the style. There are two types of the stories and one of them is the crazy or funny story that you tell to a friend and then there is the art part of the short story that has the descriptions, the plot, styles and the characters too. Before you get down to business,, you start with the story that you can tell to a friend. This should be done in one suiting, with no breaks and no research. The next thing will be to find the protagonist and in as much as this may seem like an easy step it is not. After that, you will then need to find the protagonist of your story and in as much as this may seem obvious and simple, sometimes it is not. The next thing after that will be to identify the protagonist of your story, and this is where many people go wrong as they think that this is easy and direct. The protagonist doesn’t necessarily have to be the good guy or the even the speaker, but the person whose decisions drive the story forward.

Among the very important things that the story will need are s great first line as this has the power to glue the readers to the story. The first line should include an imitation, surprise and a voice too. You should be clear here and if possible, tell the entirety of the story in a single statement. It is very important that you break the story into scenes as this will help you give it some life, organize it and show you where more work are needed.

This is where now you go on to the research. There are writers that do not do any research and this usually leaves the story unclear and undeveloped, and doing it too early will distort the direction. Waiting until the story is underway will help you ask specific questions and the story will not be derailed by the whole research process. When all this s set, the next thing will be to write and edit. The story is never at the end if you have not yet published. You start with getting feedbacks from a small group of readers or friends, then a larger group of expert writers. Finally, you can get the story out there to the world.

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